Sunnyside Ministry Service Area

Food and Clothing - You must be a resident of Forsyth or Northern Davidson Counties to receive food and clothing assistance. Some restrictions and limitations may apply. To receive a full food order you must reside in 27107 or 27127 of Forsyth County.

Financial Assistance - You must reside in 27107, 27127 of Forsyth County or Northern Davidson County. 

For Financial Literacy Education - you must reside in Forsyth or Davidson Counties.


Financial Assistance

If you do not have documentation of a crisis event, income and expenses Sunnyside Ministry will be unable to complete the interview and you will be denied assistance. If you have questions about what you must bring, contact us before you come for an interview.

We provide financial assistance to qualifying clients for:

  • Housing – mortgages (must bring foreclosure information), rent (must bring an eviction notice), and first month’s rent (must bring a receipt for the rental deposit).
  • Utilities – power, gas, and water (must bring a disconnect notice). Utility deposits are included in the assistance we provide.
  • Heating fuel – Furnace Oil  for use in furnaces only. Propane may be considered, requires a fixed permanent tank. NO HEATING FUEL PROVIDED FOR PORTABLE HEATERS.

Clients must bring the following information every time they come:

  • Social Security or ITIN Card
  • Picture ID
  • A current piece of mail to verify address
  • Proof of the crisis that caused you not to be able to pay your own bill.
  • Documentation for the last 30 days of household income and receipts for bills that were paid (can use a bank statement).

If you receive financial help, there is a six month wait before you may apply again. 

Food Pantry

 Clients may be interviewed for grocery orders once every 30 days.

Sunnyside Ministry offers to food assistance programs

TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) and Food Pantry Program (food donated to or purchased by Sunnyside Ministry). We generally provide clients with food from both programs, but reserve the right to deny food from the Food Pantry Program. 

The only qualification for TEFAP food is to be a resident of Forsyth County. TEFAP may not always be available. We have no control over the items that are provided to us   

For Food Pantry Food we require the items listed below: 

  • Social Security or ITIN Card 
  • Picture ID 
  • A current piece of mail to verify address  

Clothing Center

 Clients may be interviewed for clothing once every 30 days and must bring the following information every time they come:

  • Social Security or ITIN Card
  • Picture ID
  • A current piece of mail to verify address
  • The Social Security or ITIN Card for each person living in the household who needs clothing.

Other forms of assistance

Sunnyside Ministry may offer specific assistance seasonally, details about those programs will be listed here when they are offered.